Design Frontiers - territories, concepts, technologies

ICDHS 2012 - 8th Conference of the International Committee for Design History & Design Studies.

Priscila L. Farias , Marcos Braga (coordenador) , Anna Calvera

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Priscila L. Farias, Marcos Braga (coordenador), Anna Calvera, Zuleica Schincariol

2012 — 1ª edição

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ISBN: 9788521206927
Páginas: 617
Formato: E-Book em PDF
Ano de Publicação: 2012



This book is a collection of the papers presented at the 8th Conference of the International Committee for Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS). It registers the main ideas and trends on design history and design studies discussed during this academic meeting held in São Paulo, Brazil, in September 2012, which gathered researchers from 26 different countries, coming from America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The theme chosen for the 8th edition of the conference, "Design Frontiers: territories, concepts, technologies", aimed to provoke discussions on how design history and design studies may push the limits of design knowledge. The frontiers of design may be challenged in many ways: by the exploration of new territories, by the establishment of new concepts, by the emergence of new technologies, as well as by rediscovering the past and by finding new ways of applying current wisdom; and the papers published in this volume address one or more of those challenges. This book, therefore, combines the 125 papers resulting from the Call for Papers, divided in 6 sections (History of design education, Identities and territories, National policies on design, Techniques and technologies, The New Imperialism, Open strand), with the text version of the lectures by three keynote speakers. Certainly the papers published here will foster more investigations and discussions on design history and design studies. 

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