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ISBN: 9786555060461
Páginas: 36
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Ano de Publicação: 2020


1  Manifesto

2 What is the Playbook? Who is it For?

3 Where does this fit?

4 How is it Applied?

5 Who Supports it All? How?

6 What Next?

7 About the Authors and Credits

8 Further Reading

9 Extra: Deep Into



Brazil and other developing countries are experiencing an entrepreneurial boom that is changing industries such as finance, education, health, and logistics, among others. The growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem rests on two pillars: the expansion of new venture finance and the creation of large numbers of promising startups. One depends on the other: startups need capital to scale, and investors seek promising opportunities offered by a deep pool of qualified startups. Entrepreneurship education plays an important role in expanding the pool of promising startups by training entrepreneurs on how to evaluate business opportunities, how to design scalable business models, and how to accelerate the process of customer discovery and business model validation. Entrepreneurial education programs can also inspire new generations of entrepreneurs in schools, universities, incubators, and local communities.

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